Quality Policy Statement


Power Process Piping, Inc. delivers the value-added difference that is essential in today’s competitive marketplace for piping systems.

Power Process Piping, Inc. (PPP) is an industry-leading fabricator and installer of piping systems for automotive, heavy industrial, petrochemical, power generation, food and pharmaceutical facilities. Every aspect of PPP’s operation is designed to provide customers with high-quality materials, exceptional service and creative cost-effective solutions to piping challenges.

Power Process Piping, Inc. is committed to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the requirements of our customers including periodic risk and strategic context reviews relating to our operations and associated quality systems.

Our quality objectives are periodically set and reviewed by the management team between and during formal management reviews aimed at stretching and improving the performance of our business.

This policy statement is communicated through visibility of this policy statement via our website or direct request. Additionally, we will provide associated processes and procedures as related to this policy statement upon request.

PPP is committed to continually improving its quality management system.

This policy is reviewed at the periodic management reviews or earlier if required.


Graham Williams,
President and CEO