Manufacturing Technology

Power Process Piping (PPP) utilizes modern equipment and processes to provide its customers with exceptional quality and value. From fully equipped production bays and precision automatic welding equipment to the latest computer and production control processes, PPP remains on the cutting edge of the piping industry.

Modern Facilities
Power Process Piping’s corporate center in Plymouth, Michigan, is an ultra-modern manufacturing and administrative complex situated on 2.4 acres. Included is a 50,000 square foot fabrication facility, specifically designed to provide maximum capabilities while operating at peak efficiency. PPP’s fabrication facility can support up to thirty (30) craftsmen per shift, three (3) shifts per day. By bringing engineering and manufacturing functions together within this complex, fabrication can be completed faster, more economically and with higher quality than work performed entirely in the field.

A Union Craft Company
Power Process Piping works closely with the United Association Pipefitter and Plumbers Unions. This ensures the availability of a highly skilled, well-trained work force of piping professionals. It also enables PPP to scale its man power depending on job specific criteria.

Power Process Piping carefully manages our resources to meet customer’ expectations. We use our extensive expertise to build a team including Project Managers, Field Superintendents & Craft Labor to deliver our very best work for each of our projects. By utilizing our Estimators as Project Managers, we apply their knowledge gained during the bidding process to immediately address the work.

A Proven Formula

  • PPP has the advanced capabilities and equipment to handle virtually any project efficiently, effectively and economically.
  • An ultra-modern 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art fabricating facility enables PPP to control quality, production schedules and costs.
  • PPP’s team consists of top-quality manufacturing, installation and management professionals in the piping industry.
  • PPP has the resources and financial strength to support our commitments.
  • These benefits allow customers to stay on budget, reduce downtime and safely expand the capacity of their business.